Vendor Registration

This year we are instituting a new program designed to make it easier for clubs and individuals to check in their Beads of Courage donations.  We have the following three offerings for Check-In:

1.  If you are a club or club representative and will have your own display tags for your donations, all you need to do is visit the Gallery Registration Desk to be directed to your display table.

2.  If you are a club or club representative and would like the SWAT staff to provide your display tags for the boxes, click HERE to access the on-line BOC Check-in Form for group donations.

3.  If you are an individual please click HERE to access the BOC Check-in Form for personal donations and we will provide your display tags.

On behalf of the SWAT Staff, we want to thank all turners who participate in this invaluable program!

New for 2017

This year we are introducing a new feature designed to make displaying your pieces in the Art Gallery easier.  You can now use the on-Line Gallery Check-In Form to register your pieces.  When you arrive as the symposium, you will find your labels and check-in form already printed and ready to sign-and-go instead of having to fill out the forms. 

Click HERE to access the on-line check-in form.

We look forward to seeing your work(s)!



Click Here to Register


We look forward to a great show again this year.

You can plan on loading in on August 23, 2018.  We will have he doors open no later than 8:00 am on 23 August.  We are still limited to two vehicles on the floor of Chisholm Hall (main exhibit hall).  This requirement will be strictly enforced.  We will have two forklifts working in order to  speed up unloading.  It would be most helpful if you will place your merchandise on pallets or containers that will accommodate the use of a forklift.   If your items can be handled by a forklift we will unload you in the parking area and place your items at your designated space.  On departure, please follow the same procedure, two vehicles on the floor at a time.  Place your items on pallets and we will get it loaded.   Unloading and out loading can also be accomplished through the main entrance of the Waco Convention Center and then to the second floor by the use of the elevator.

Departure sequence will be the same as in 2016-----your departure will be based on when you register for SWAT.  This procedure worked well last year.  If you are palatalized, we will load your items in the parking lot and get you on your way.

Thank you for supporting SWAT either as a first-time or a veteran vendor.  Many of you have displayed your merchandise annually at SWAT over the years and we thank you.  We welcome you back for 2018! 



Early registration for SWAT 2016 is now closed.

On site registration opens at 3:00 p.m. on August 25, 2016.  Price for full registration at the door is $175.



Welcome to the SWAT Family Programs!



Activities are now open for enrollment - it is a great line up of crafts and activities again this year! Activities like: Fused Glass Pins, Garden Bugs, Pendants and Picture Frames, Basic and Intermediate Zentangle, Crocheting necklaces (with yarn and beads and wire) headbands, knitting spiral scarfs, coloring beautiful scenes with Japanese pencils, creating accordion cards, car rosaries, Kool-aid scarves, baby snowmen, pincushions, fabric bowls, decorated wine bottles and terrariums and much more.

In addition to all of these crafts, we’ll have a whole day of Genealogy classes, learning and then playing Mah Jongg and / or taking a trip to the Homestead Heritage Traditional Crafts Village.  Read the tips and then click on the link listed below to register, read through the different activities for each day and sign-up!  

TIPS for using the Registration Page:
To use this new system, you’ll fill out your registration information on the first page, choose what activities you want for Friday (all on that first page), then click at the bottom for Saturday’s page (and click on the activities you want) and then click on the bottom of that page for Sunday’s page. You can click on previous (on Saturday and Sunday) to go back and review your choices.

When you are done choosing the activities from all three pages, you MUST hit Submit at the bottom of the Sunday page, to actually register.

Once you hit submit, you’ll receive a confirmation email which you can print.

If you need to make any changes, you can either send Phyllis Zumwalt an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR check with her Thursday afternoon or Friday morning at the SWAT Family Programs sign-up table.

Here is the link for the Registration page -

For a complete schedule of activities, click Here.

For finished examples of the projects for this years classes, click Here.

Note: There has been questions in the past whether the spouse has to register as a spouse for SWAT in order to attend the Spouses Activities and the answer is no.  If your spouse is just there to accompany you and not attending any of the Symposium classes but only attending the Spouses Activities then they don’t have to register.  We would like it if they did in order for us to get an accurate attendance count and help offset the costs of the Symposium but it is not necessary.  You will however have to buy extra lunch tickets for the three days which will cost you $45.