Regional Demonstrators

Andy Chen
Beginning Segmented
Andy will discuss the basics of segmented turning including form, design, and the math involved in cutting segments.
Jim Burt
Vases from Triple
Jim will turn a vase from a three limbed tree crotch. His demo includes mounting the limb on the  lathe thru hollowing the crotch.
Jim Creel
It’s Whats on Top
Focus on Finials
Jim’s demo concentrates on what to practice to able to turn thin, elegant finials.
Jerry Degroot
Hollow Christmas
Jerry will demo a hollow Christmas Ornament using several home made tools.
 Cindy Drozda
Hollow Form
Cindy’s demo shows “How to make the inside bigger than the outside”.  The end product is a triangle vessel with windows.
Dennis Ford
Pie Crust Bowl
Dennis’s demo shows how to turn and carve flutes to make a pie crust bowl.
Zac Higgins
Pen Turning
Zac's demo will address pen blanks in cast resin.
Jeff Hornung
Air Brushing
”High Desert”
Jeff’s demo will show how to use stencils and an air brush to paint “High Desert” on a turned Platter.
Sammy Long
Creative Power
Sammy will carve leaves on a turned platter, using stencils and several different power carving tools.
Tod Raines
Natural Edge
End Grain Bowl
Tod will demo turning a natural end grain bowl using a hook tool and a tear drop scraper for hollowing.

Toni Ransfield
Polymer Clay-From

Start to Finish

Toni is an award winning Polymer Clay artist and acknowledged Pen maker.  She will demo making a pen from polymer clay.
John Schlobohm
"Making Pens with
Different Material
Tips and Tricks"
Turning pens with antler, acrylic, alumilite, and stabilized wood.
Lee Sky
Birdhouse Ornamen
with Eggs
Lee will turn a Birdhouse Ornament with a threaded lid and a surprise inside.
John Solberg
Fun with Polygons
John will demo how to layout various polygons then will turn a seven sided polygon.
James Thurman
Spinning a Pewter Bowl
James is a Metalsmith faculty member at the University of  North Texas.  He will demo how to spin a metal bowl on a wood lathe.
Donald Ward
Closed End Pens
A closed end pen is a pen with no outside terminal hardware on either end.  Donald will demo how to use a pen kit with terminal ends to make a closed end pen.
Cory White
Turning Bookends
Cory will demo making a set of desk top bookends.